Hearing Protection

One of the most underestimated hazards in the workplace or during your leisure activities

People are often unaware of the risk of irreversible hearing damage. Across Europe approximately 60% of workers exposed to noise in their work environment never, or only occasionally wear hearing protection. Damage goes unnoticed at first because it does not always cause pain. Therefore, the risk of permanent hearing damage is very high.

INFIELD Hearing Protection offers optimum protection through a totally customised on-site fitting process and a wide range of filters. Important sounds and signals remain audible and the custom fit ensures unsurpassed comfort, ensuring wearer acceptance is extremely high.

INFIELD manufacture the bespoke ear protectors in your preferred colour. The hearing protection and any accompanying cords can be manufactured in a detectable form and when compared to conventional hearing protection products, investment payback periods can be surprisingly short.

INFIELD protection extends beyond the workplace. We have specialised product ear defenders for leisure activities, such as shooting, motorcycling, the music scene and even products that help you achieve a restful sleep.

Contact us today to find out how INFIELD Customised Hearing Protection can benefit you.

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