Laser Safety Glasses

"Your safety. Our concern”

INFIELD laser safety eyewear is manufactured by PROTECT-Laserschutz GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany. 

Along with bespoke protective eyewear products, PROTECT-Laserschutz utilise the INFIELD range of frames. This partnership forms one of the most reliable and competent partners when it comes to laser safety eyewear.

The styling, comfort and fit of INFIELD frames combined with the expertise of PROTECT-Laserschutz ensures the user a high quality, correctly certified, market leading product.

In co-operation with well-known partners worldwide e.g. Research Institutes, Universities and Employer’s Liability Insurance Associations, PROTECT-Laserschutz is constantly working on new laser safety projects.

Their expertise is called upon by many authorities. Since 2006 PROTECT-Laserschutz has been a member of the committee for laser safety eyewear at DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V, a national certification body responsible for EN standards EN 207, EN 208 and EN 12254.

To enquire about our market leading range of laser eyewear and associated products, please contact us.

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